Thursday, May 14, 2009

Special Delivery!

Yesterday the door bell rang and when I opened the door there was a little square package sitting on my front porch. I was delightfully surprised! Upon opening the box, this is what I found within:

Cajun essentials from Louisiana for me and my husband were packed inside the box. The care-package was from his mom and her husband. The last time they came to visit us they told us about these great Cajun products so we are excited to give them all a try. It arrived in perfect timing for the cookout we are having to celebrate my husband's birthday this weekend.

Bon CaCa!! seasoning: A homemade seasoning blend for Cajuns by Cajuns! The makers of this product live in New Iberia, Louisiana. After years of using their special blend to season their food at cookouts and having friends and neighbors beg for more of the "good stuff" they decided to sell it in the local markets. It's a great seasoning because it's blended as "not too salty, not too hot, just the perfect blend to use on everything!" That's some Bon CaCa!

"Slap Ya Mama" Hot seasoning: No joke, this stuff is HOT. If you are a fan of fiery hot sauces and enjoy eating hot peppers straight out of the jar, you're going to love this seasoning! I took a little taste on the tip of my tongue and said, "Whoo Eeee! That's hot stuff!" Here's a quote from their website:
Wilda Marie Fontenot gave birth to the creator of the award winning "SLAP YA MAMA" seasoning blend. Every time she uses it, she receives a loving slap on the back and a kiss on the cheek thanking her for another great Cajun dish.
Tabasco Spicy Pepper Jelly: If you ever visit New Iberia, Louisiana you have to take a trip to Avery Island and tour the Tabasco pepper sauce factory. The island is surrounded by swamps and is a nature reserve for indigenous plants and animals of southern Louisiana. Their pepper jelly is the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. We will be using it as a glaze for grilled chicken breasts this weekend! Yum.

Gumbo & Etouffee Mix by Louisiana Fish Fry Products: When you are pressed for time and want to whip up a quick one-pot meal, gumbo is the way to go. We enjoy seafood gumbo several times a month. When it's time to indulge, our absolute hands down favorite thing to make is crawfish etouffee. We also love shrimp etouffee! These mixes by Louisiana Fish Fry Products are staples in our house and the only store-bought brand we use for our gumbo and etouffee.

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