Friday, June 5, 2009

The Lanai Above

Free yet unsure.

It's late and my parents and brothers are asleep in their beds. I slowly slide open the door and step out on to the lanai. I breathe in the fresh air and wonder at the twilight. My nightdress flutters softly in a warm, comforting breeze. I step up to the rail -- taking in the view.

Lights twinkle.

I see the dark, hard silhouette of a Diamond in the distance. The black expanse of the ocean opens up before her. I recall this afternoon's cheerful waves running up the beach to chase coconut-scented friends playing in the surf. I can still taste the salt on my lips and feel the bright, sunny sand beneath my feet.

Tonight the sea is a new creature. I can see it. Black as ink and far beyond my reach it broods quiet and mysterious in the darkness. Intriguing. She pretends to be peaceful but I see her edge of danger glinting in the distance.


The breeze touches my face, reminding me. I'm high above the streets that bustle in the morning rush. The night noises of a sleepy city below me are faint.

I drink in my surroundings.

Uninvited memories come fluttering. A distant ache returns, back to haunt as if they never left. I grimace in a spasm of pain and disappointment. They are a part of me. They make me understand. I'd rather not have known them. I'd rather not anyone know them.

What a bittersweet reunion.

I can see the stars above me twinkling a hello. They remember me! I look for my friend, the Moon. He is always there for me. He smiles softly.

I smile back.

Such a sweet, dreamy inhale. I lean over the rail and peer down into the streets below. It's a miniature scene of tiny streetlights and trees lining the roads. I hear a whisper of the night-calls drifting up.

I see you.

Complete oblivion. You are on the lanai just below. You are covered in a thin blanket, stretched out and relaxed in slumber. You stir and turn on your side, sleeping high above paradise.

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