Thursday, April 15, 2010

Think you can read me like a book?

Maybe! But you can definitely read me like a blog post at the Raige Creations blog where I'm honored to say I am a Featured Creator!

Read more: Biologie In Art - Featured Creator

Rebecca @ Raige recently awarded me with the Sunshine Award. I'm feeling the love. Everyone needs sunshine and all the blogs I follow deserve this award so I nominate them all! To see a list of the blogs I follow please see my Profile.


  1. Hi there neighbor. I was recommended by Raige Creations, and yes, indeed, I do like your blog and have just become your latest follower. Please stop by our blog too.


  2. Hello! Glad you found me through Raige Creations. I just dropped by your blog and am now following you as well.

    Take Care! :)