Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kim Chi Cravings

I recently bought Kim Chi Ramyun noodles from my local oriental market because I was craving Korean kimchi. The noodles are good because the seasoning packet has the flavor of kim chi but haven't sated my craving for cabbage kimchi!

I can't find fresh kimchee in the grocery stores or markets so I've decided to make my own.

Searching the web, I found two great videos with different recipes:

How To Make Kimchi on
How to make kimchi using western cabbage on

I'm amazed at all the different recipes out there and these are two that sounded yummy to me. There are so many variations, it's impossible to try them all. The kind of kimchi I know and love is red-orange, spicy, flavorful, and gloriously odoriferous!

If you have a favorite home-made recipe for kimchi, please share it with me!

This craving was sparked by the blog post of Kat @ Our Adventures In Japan:
kim chee potato salad


  1. You should check with Josh; I bet he could get you a good recipe from one of his Korean buddies (or their moms). Now you've made me want to go back to that Korean restaurant you took us to--remember?

  2. Yep I want to go to that restaurant again!!

  3. I bought the ingredients for the recipe from the lady in the YouTube video I linked to in this blog post. I'll let you know how it turns out.