Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Meet Teddy!

He's a teeny Lhasa Apso who belongs to my Gran. He is so small, like a cat, and only eats about a 1/2 Cup of dog food a day. Quite a difference from my two dogs who seem to have bottomless pits for stomachs.

While my Gran was out of town I got to be Teddy's "dogsitter" and he ran with the big dogs for five glorious days. Such a cutie. He took a few tumbles but held his own while they were playing in the backyard. Whenever he tried to boss Darcy around, Banzai would come join the fray and break up the tussle.


  1. Cute pictures! I'm glad Teddy had fun with Darcy and Banzai. Thank you again for keeping him for Gran!

  2. Such a sweetie! I'll bet he had a ball with his two big buddies. I used to have a Lhasa mix and they can be real sweethearts.

  3. Yep, he was a sweetie while he visited us. He liked sitting on my lap while I was at the computer. :)