Friday, February 19, 2010

Cherry Blossoms River Rock Pendant :: Inspired By Sunshine

River rocks with a branch of lovely Cherry Blossoms, how divine!

This addition to my Cherry Blossoms Collection is a smooth faux river rock with shimmering swirls of silver and rose gold to catch the light. Possibilities for these little treasures are endless but I couldn't resist turning the first one into a pretty pendant.

I formed the cherry blossoms and branches for this pendant free-hand and then carefully applied them to the river rock, which I also made by hand. The cherry blossoms themselves are made on the top of a thumbtack and transferred over to the river rock on the end of a needle - so tiny! The firing process ensures this pendant is fused as one secure piece.

Spring is coming! In anticipation and celebration for my all time favorite season, I'm offering free shipping on this necklace.

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